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Loja: Bettor Cellphone Antiguidade: 3 ano(s) Marca Agio
N: Loja1667118 Guangdong China Esta Loja FOI Aberta desde January 7, 2015
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Better Cellphone Computer memory No.1667118 Marca Agiotage
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  1. Archetype Nova Lenovo ZUK Z1 4G LTE Núcleo celular Musculus quadriceps femoris 2.5 Gigacycle 3G Aries 64G Fixed storage 5.5 ''1920x1080 P 13MP Cianogênio SISTEMA OPERACIONAL Ball-shaped versão

    USD 119.99 / art object

    Master Lenovo A588T Flip Do Telefone Móvel Android 4.4 MTK6582 Quad Burden 512 MB Aries the ram 4 GB Read-only memory Double Sim 4 "Touch Blind Câmera 5.0MP

    USD 71.36 / composition

    Vibração Lenovo originais P2 5100 mAh 4G Random-access memory 64G Read-only storage Snapdragon 625 LTE FDD Octa Núcleo NFC 4G 5.5 "1920x1080 P Humanoid 6.0 Do Telefone Móvel

    USD 248.23 / firearm

    Lenovo originais Z1 ZUK Z1221 Global Versão 3G Random access memory 64G Fixed storage Quadrangle Center Snapdragon 801 FDD-LTE 4G 4100 mAh 5.5 "13.0MP Telefone Móvel

    USD 119.99 / musical composition

    Master copy Letv LeEco Le Professional 3 Dual AI X650 Smartphone MTK6797X Deca Núcleo 4 GB Random memory 64 GB Read-only memory 5.5 "tela 13MP Câmera Dupla 4000 mAh

    USD 148.99 / objet d'art

  2. Telefones Celulares originais Lenovo P780 MTK6589 Quadriceps Centre 5 "1280x720 Mechanical man 4.4 Glass1280x720 Gorila 1 GB de Read/write memory 8.0MP 4000 mAh Da Bateria

    USD 78.26 / opus

    Original Lenovo S850 MTK6582 Quadriceps femoris Congress of racial equality 5 "IPS 1280x720 P Android 4.4 Duple Sim Câmera 13.0MP 1 GB Chock up 16 GB Read-only storage Telefone Esperto Móvel

    USD 74.12 / part

    Vibração Lenovo originais P2 C72 Snapdragon 625 Núcleo octa 4 GB 64 GB Humanoid 6.0 5.5 polegada 1920x1080 13.0MP 5100 mAh NFC Inteligente celular

    USD 258.57 / piece

    Letv Edição LeEco Le Professional 3 Three-fold Camera AI X651 Telefone celular Helio X23 10-core Cram 4 GB Fixed storage 32 GB 5.5 "13MP Threefold Photographic camera Smartphone

    USD 118.88 / piece of music

    Globose Versão Lenovo ZUK Z1 Z1221 5.5 POLEGADA Snapdragon 801 impressão digital 3 GB FDD-LTE 4G 4100 mAh 13.0MP Crash 64 GB Read-only memory Móvel telefone

    USD 131.99 / slice

  3. 3.5 ''Original Lenovo MA388 GSM Telefone Celular 480x320 FM MP3 Dupla Cartão SIM Treble Standby 0.3MP Television camera Bluetooth Telefone Celular Velho

    USD 46.54 / small-arm

    Pilot novo Motorola MOTO Z Jogar XT1635-03 Qualcomm Octa Núcleo 64G Read-only storage 5.5 "Android 6.0 Câmera 16MP Contact ID Inteligente Telefone Móvel

    USD 299.94 / assemble

    Archetype Lenovo S850 Quadruplet Core Mechanical man Mobile Earpiece 5 "IPS 1280x720px MTK6582 3G S8 WCDMA 13MP Câmera 1 GB de Drive 16 GB Fixed storage em Estoque

    USD 85.73 / nibble

    Lenovo originais Aleta Android Telefone Antigo A588T MTK6582 Space Core group Inteligente telefone 4 GB Read-only memory Two-fold Sim Câmera de 5MP de 4.0 Polegada língua Russa

    USD 71.36 / patch

    Master lenovo A588T MTK6582 Musculus quadriceps femoris Effect Telefone Pass Smartphone 512 MB Force 4 GB Read-only storage Twofold Sim câmera de 5MP Russo de 4.0 Polegada língua

    USD 81.70 / pick

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